allison and her dad make such an awesome father/daughter team


aw man, i liked her and now i guess she’s evil! why does this always happen to me

reloading his guns without losing sight of the target is something mr argent has always struggled with, but he sure as hell seems to have it down now!

i feel like at first teen wolf was relying on a lot of tropes and sort of appealing to the lowest common denominator, which didn’t necessarily make it bad, but now that it knows it has an established fan base it can experiment and it’s doing much cooler things a lot of the time and i love when this happens with shows because dammit if this show isn’t just going to get better from here

well that was kind of a contrived way to get mr argent back into the plot if you ask me. we’ll see how it goes though i guess

"if we’re gonna do this, then i think you’re just gonna have to take me with you" BAWLING

if isaac dies i will NOT be impressed